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Join The Heritage Foundation USA in our relentless pursuit to end the food insecurity crisis in Chicago, Illinois. Every child, every family, deserves a meal. Your donation can be the difference between hunger and hope.

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PRESS RELEASE: Hunger Crisis Intensifies in America Amid Inflation and Decreased Aid

PRESS RELEASE – November 30, 2023 In urban centers across the United States, including the nation’s capital, an escalating hunger […]

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PRESS RELEASE: Hunger Surges in the U.S. Following Cuts in Food Aid Programs

PRESS RELEASE – November 23, 2023 In concerning reversal of recent progress, hunger rates in the United States have surged […]

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PRESS RELEASE: Escalating Food Insecurity in the U.S.: The Impact of Inflation and Policy Changes

PRESS RELEASE – October16, 2023 As the United States grapples with the possibility of a government shutdown and the expiration […]

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